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The communication must be made in good faith with a non-public facing product, such as Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Zoom. Public-facing products, including Facebook Live, are not allowed. Self-audits must be conducted by providers to determine if the right communication products were not only used but appropriately documented. When a client and a behavioral health provider are located in different states, each state has jurisdiction over the therapeutic relationship. Some states have eased requirements due to the PHE, allowing all licensed behavioral health providers in good standing to practice telehealth across state lines. In other cases, states require these providers to apply for permission to practice in-state. And, in a number of other states, these providers continue to be required to be licensed where they’re located and where the client is located. Again, self-audits of out-of-state virtual visits will need to be conducted to stay ahead of auditors. Traditional Targeted Audit Areas for Behavioral Health In the behavioral health context, the type of provider and the documentation of the time spent are the two areas traditionally targeted by auditors. Behavioral health entities must stay current with state laws and payor policies to know what types of providers can perform behavioral health services, especially when providing these services to out-of-state patients. For example, some payors will pay for counseling services provided by a licensed social worker while some payors will not. In addition, the proper documentation of time spent for time-based services should not be overlooked with all the additional documentation, such as type of communication method, provider and patient location, and patient consent, required by telehealth. Auditors will not overlook these areas with traditionally high error rates in telehealth if an audit is initiated for other reasons. This article only touches on a few of the telehealth issues raised for behavioral health providers during the PHE. While dealing with all the economic and safety issues brought by the PHE, behavioral health providers were trying to keep up with these rapidly evolving changes to telehealth. It is likely inadvertent mistakes were made in determining coverage, performing, and billing for virtual counseling and other behavioral telehealth services. Providers must conduct self-audits to determine if the right policies were being followed for all their payors regarding documentation, coding and billing of the telehealth services. If a self-audit reveals that overpayments were made, the overpayments must be returned promptly to avoid future extrapolated overpayments or fraud investigations.

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